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  • Instant and automatic translations: translations to 64 languages of all communication.
  • Direct communication with guests via chat: Direct communication via chat between guests and hotel staff (as an individual staff member or as a specific department).
  • Group notifications: Create conversations with a group of guests. Apply filters to narrow down the target audience: by nationality, board, status in the hotel, etc.
  • Internal social network for guests: Internal social network for guests to chat among themselves.
  • Automatic welcome messages: Sent instantly upon registration in the hotel.
  • Automatic reply to new request: Pre-scheduled automatic message with initial response to a new service requests.
  • Push-notifications: Received in real-time by all registered guests with new messages or notifications from the hotel.


  • Tailored reservations: Design and configure any reservations for the hotel and its partners to be accessible by guests: spa treatments, excursions, restaurant reservations, car rental, etc.
  • Programmable reservations access: Configure in advance reservations access by guests according to their stay status: registered, reserved, checked-in, checked-out.
  • Unified reservation platform: Unified reservations management platform for various activities from the hotel and its partners: spa treatments, excursions, restaurant reservations, car rental.
  • Programmable timetables for reservations: Define and configure timetables for any reservations to offer options for guest in advance: day of the week, time of the day.
  • Instant reservation confirmation: Automatic messages for immediate confirmation of any reservation, instant notifications of any changes.

Point of Sale

  • Tailored menus: Define and configure menus from any bar and restaurant of the hotel to be accessible by guests at any time and from any location in the hotel.
  • Click-to-order Menu: Easy-to-order menu with variety of food and beverages.
  • QR-code reader: QR-code reader built-in into the App for instant ordering.

Virtual Coupons

  • Tailored virtual coupons: Design virtual coupons for any promotions from the hotel and its partners: room discounts, board upgrades, spa specials, restaurant specials, sport discounts, excursions specials, gift cards for services and activities, events promotions.
  • Programmable execution of coupons: Configure in advance schedule for any promotions execution: immediate execution, executed on a specific date and time, executed with a rotation, executed according to weather conditions, executed on a specific day of the year (special event, celebration, etc.), executed according to the guests status in the hotel (reservation, checked in/out).
  • Targeted promotions: Apply filters to define a group of guests who will receive an offer: nationality, gender, age, family situation, board level, status in the hotel.
  • Actionable coupons: Instant reaction to any promotion by immediate service request or reservation of an activity that is offered in the coupon.

Virtual Shops

  • Tailored virtual shops: Define and configure variety of virtual shops to be accessible by guests, with products offered by the hotel and its partners: duty free, spa boutique, gift shop, etc.
  • Managed from unified platform: Unified platform for all virtual shops, managed from one panel.
  • Programmable payment method: Configure in advance payment methods which can be available for guests when finalizing a purchase: cash, credit, or charged to the room.
  • Pick-up at the reception: Guests can pick-up their purchases at the reception prior to checking-out.


  • Multi-device system: Access panel from any device (PC, mobile, tablet), view guests’ activity and staff performance from any location or on-the-go, any time of the day.
  • Multi-language panel: View panel on any language from the compilation pre-selected by the hotel.
  • Manage numerous requests: All communication and requests from guests are managed from unified panel, for services pre-selected by the hotel: Front Desk, Room Service, Housekeeping, Bars & Restaurants, Activities, Virtual Shop, Spa, etc. Solve any issues in real time, from any location or on the go.
  • Granular access: Define user roles and permissions for the staff to access, to navigate and to manage the panel.
  • Filters for panel navigation: Apply filters for efficient navigation through guests profiles and activity: country, board, family situation, guest status, stay situation.
  • Unified digital system to manage numerous requests: All communication and requests from guests are managed from one panel for services pre-selected by the hotel: Front Desk, Room Service, Housekeeping, Bars & Restaurants, Activities, Virtual Shop, Spa, etc.
  • Express registration of the guests in the system: Express registration of guests in the hotel prior to their actual arrival.
  • Real-time panel updates: Automatic real-time panel updates: new guests’ registration, pending requests and messages, replies from the staff, etc. Real-time monitoring of guests’ activity and staff performance, instantly solve any issues in the real-time.
  • On-screen pop-un notifications: Pop-up notifications with sound alert for any new activity in the panel: new stay, new service request, new message. Real-time monitoring of guests’ activity and staff performance, instantly solve any issues in the real-time.
  • Traceable archive with guests activity: Auto-updated and traceable archive with guests activity: history of requests, archive of messages, etc. instant access to the archive with all guests’ activity to view and use at any time.
  • Collection of guests profiles: Auto-updated collection of profiles provided by guests, accessible and traceable at any time: personal information, country, preferred languages for communication, room number, selected board.

Activities Agenda

  • Tailored activities agenda: Define and configure agenda of any activities in the hotel to be accessible by guests: kids’ activities, fitness, entertainment, night shows, etc.
  • Themed and unified versions of agendas: Separate activities agenda for each type of the activity (kids, fitness, day activities, night shows), as well as combined agenda with all activities’ unified schedule.
  • Programmable schedule for activities: Define and configure schedules for any activities in advance: daily/weekly/monthly/annual agenda, daily/weekly/monthly/annual rotation of activates.
  • Interactive and actionable agenda: Instant confirmations from guests of participation in any activity offered by the hotel.


  • Tailored hotel survey: Design and configure a hotel survey to be accessible by guests.
  • Traceable archive with guests feedback: Auto-updated and traceable archive with guests feedback, with direct access to guests’ profile.


  • Tailored services: Design and configure any services of the hotel to be accessible by guests: reception, housekeeping, room service, fun and sport activities, bars and restaurants, spa reservations, excursions and attractions, transport, virtual shops, coupons, etc.
  • Programmable services access: Configure in advance services access by guests according to their stay status: registered, reserved, checked-in, checked-out.
  • Instant requests: Instant services requests sent by guests, from any location.
  • Instant client services: Instant automatic response to services requests personally to each guest.

Intelligent Engine

  • Preconfigured access to services, reservations and information for guests: Apply in advance access parameters to provide information about hotel and its services according to status of any guest (reserved, checked-in, checked-out).
  • Automated and preconfigured communication with guests: Create automated notifications and schedules for their execution. Welcome message to the hotel, preliminary auto response to service request, auto confirmation of the received reservation, group notifications sent at once to all preselected guests, predefined time intervals for deliveries of messages (example: 5 minutes after request received, on the 2nd day of the stay, on the last day of the stay, etc.)
  • Predefined automated execution of promotions: Apply preset filters and configurations for the automated execution of promotions, according to guests’ demographic profile, based on guests’ status in the hotel, applying external conditions such as weather, scheduling delivery system based on specific dates or occasions, etc.


  • Instant access to information: Around-the-clock access from any location to all information and services pre-selected by the hotel: hotel general information and facilities, reception and housekeeping services, bars and restaurants, fun and sport activities, spa, boutiques, guests support, etc.
  • Travelers’ guide: Useful information about the destination and touristic activities: places to visit, beaches, attraction parks, shopping.

Social Networks

  • Instant posts in social networks: create word-of-mouth promotion of the hotel without usage of any additional resources. Built-in links to Facebook and Twitter for instant posts from guests of any service, activity and promotion from the hotel in social media networks.

Web links

  • Link to hotel booking page: Built-in link to the hotel’s booking page for direct reservations of the future stay.
  • Link to TripAdvisor: Built-in link to the hotel’s review page on TripAdvisor.
  • Link to Google Maps: Built-in link to Google Maps for instant navigation around the destination.
  • Links to digital press: Built-in links to various digital press editorials: news, finance, entertainment, etc.
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  • Couldn't be simpler to use, and I'm already enjoying the benefits. Thanks!

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